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Forum: Symfony 2.0
 Topic: New forum
New forum [message #94040] Mon, 22 February 2010 16:15
halfer  is currently offline halfer
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Hi all

I've set up a new forum for discussion regarding the preview release of Symfony 2. This is fine for discussion between people trying the new approaches, but if you want the core devs to see your feedback, it would be better to use the user or dev mailing lists.

[Make sticky: halfer]

[Updated on: Wed, 24 February 2010 13:37]

Remember Palestine
 Topic: phpaspect
phpaspect [message #94397] Sat, 27 February 2010 05:46
mmesa84  is currently offline mmesa84
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how can I use the aspect oriented programming (AOP) paradimg in symfony 2.0
 Topic: mistake in quick tour of Symfony 2.0 ?
mistake in quick tour of Symfony 2.0 ? [message #97387] Wed, 14 April 2010 19:49
g0tan  is currently offline g0tan
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On the page in section about The User I think it should be
instead of
is set in config.yml I got an error, about invalid argument
Uncaught exception 'InvalidArgumentException' with message 'The "web:user" tag is not valid (in /var/www/sandbox/hello/config/config.yml).' in /var/www/symfony2/src/Symfony/Components/DependencyInjection/Loader/YamlFileLoader.php:230
In first case
, return me full instance of object user.
Best regards Wink

[Updated on: Wed, 14 April 2010 19:54]

 Topic: Session problem when created in a subfolder
Session problem when created in a subfolder [message #97672] Tue, 20 April 2010 12:40
blossomag  is currently offline blossomag
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I searched everywhere to find a solution to my problem, but I was not able to solve it.

When I create a session variable in a php file in the folder web of symfony, I can retrive it from everywhere else. But when I create a session variable in a file located in a subfolder, I can't retrieve it from anywhere but this subfolder.

Any help would be very appreciated ! (And, please, excuse my bad english)

[Updated on: Tue, 20 April 2010 16:16]

 Topic: Symfony 2.0 CMS - Ideas
Symfony 2.0 CMS - Ideas [message #98304] Fri, 30 April 2010 05:43
z3r0  is currently offline z3r0
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These should be a basis of inspiration for a future official Symfony 2 CMS. Inline/In-context editing, LDAP and a Module System are musts. It should be easy to use and flexible (ie you can code/update without using the browser) and scalable.

Pimcore CMS (PHP/Zend)

Slate (Ruby/RoR)

Symphony CMS (PHP/XSLT)

ExpressionEngine(PHP/Code Ignitor)

Pyro CMS (PHP/Code Ignitor)

Magento (PHP/Zend)


 Topic: will the new bundle component be stand alone component?
will the new bundle component be stand alone component? [message #98709] Fri, 07 May 2010 21:44
ajsie  is currently offline ajsie
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i wonder if the new bundle component in symfony 2.0 will be available as a stand-alone component?

cause the other was very useful and i think the bundle component will be awesome.

if it's released as a component i dont have to simulate it with my own solution.

 Topic: Getting error in 'sandbox/web/index_dev.php'
Getting error in 'sandbox/web/index_dev.php' [message #99336] Wed, 19 May 2010 00:21
raid3n  is currently offline raid3n
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Hi all,

I was trying Symfony 2.0 with XAMPP on Windows7. The check.php works perfectly without alerts (only one for the php accelerator) but when I try index_dev.php I get this error:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'InvalidArgumentException' with message '[ERROR 1845] Element '{}container': No matching global declaration available for the validation root. (in file:///C:/Program%20Files/xampp/htdocs/sandbox/src/vendor/symfony/src/Symfony/Foundation/Resources/config/services.xml - line 5, column 0)' in C:\Program Files\xampp\htdocs\sandbox\src\vendor\symfony\src\Symfony\Components\DependencyInjection\Loader\XmlFileLoader.php:297 Stack trace: #0 C:\Program Files\xampp\htdocs\sandbox\src\vendor\symfony\src\Symfony\Components\DependencyInjection\Loader\XmlFileLoader.php(248): Symfony\Components\DependencyInjection\Loader\XmlFileLoader->validateSchema(Object(DOMDocument), 'C:\Program File...') #1 C:\Program Files\xampp\htdocs\sandbox\src\vendor\symfony\src\Symfony\Components\DependencyInjection\Loader\XmlFileLoader.php(211): Symfony\Components\DependencyInjection\Loader\XmlFileLoader->validate(Object(DOMDocument), 'C:\Program File...') #2 C:\Program Files\xa in C:\Program Files\xampp\htdocs\sandbox\src\vendor\symfony\src\Symfony\Components\DependencyInjection\Loader\XmlFileLoader.php on line 297

Have I done something wrong?

Excuse my english,

 Topic: "late 2010" release date question
"late 2010" release date question [message #99490] Thu, 20 May 2010 18:40
basire  is currently offline basire
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I know in a few different place it has been mentioned that Symfony 2 is going to be released in late 2010 but it that supposed to be an official release or a beta/alpha release in late 2010? Have there been any changes to that 'late 2010' release (whatever that release might be)?
 Topic: How to create a new project?
How to create a new project? [message #99988] Fri, 28 May 2010 09:52
NicolasT  is currently offline NicolasT
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Location: Liège, Belgique (Belgium...
Junior Member
{Please, excuse my english, my native language is french}


I recently discover Symfony 1.4 (with the great Jobeet tutorial) and I am very interested in Symfony 2. I read the QuickTour and I would like to use Symfony 2 with a new simple test project.

Could someone tell me how to create a new project? I tried with the console of the hello project but it does not seems to work.


 Topic: doctrine.dbal configuration not allowing customizable username
doctrine.dbal configuration not allowing customizable username [message #100041] Sat, 29 May 2010 21:37
awildeep  is currently offline awildeep
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Under the heading:
Accessing the Database

There is a section for configuring doctrine. This section is not allowing me to configure DB access with a user name that is not "Root".

As a work around I have created a postgres role named "root" in my development environment to test more.

Example of breaking code:
  driver:   PDOPgSql
  dbname:   test_symfony
  user:     test_symfony
  username: postgres
  password: my_password # or null if there is none

The error I get is when using this code is that the Role "root" does not exist. Tracing the Doctrine objects tells me Doctrine is receiving "root" as a username, not "test_symfony".

 Topic: All about PHP annotations...
All about PHP annotations... [message #101789] Tue, 29 June 2010 21:49
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I'd really like to know opinions of the community about annotations.

My opinion today is pretty much "avoid" them, but I took some time to think about it.

The most annoying con I had was, "something which adds logic to one language entity must be part of the language".

But after watching the last symfony live, I have a pro:

It allows you to write domain objects which wont be aware of what uses you invent. And so, they won't have overhead domain objects couls have before. And you write less code. Easier to write, easier to read, all right! Even more, coupling your domain objects with your beloved orm, with the validation stuff or whatever is past thoughts.

My real question is there.

Is this a real improvement, or is this just some way to avoid real software architecture (you know, simple object composition (, or a deep language improvement but a formal one (i mean, phph should be able to understand it))?

I mean, no offense.

I understand that annotations translate to "less code to write".

And it is good.

But how debuggable this is? PHPDoc is understandable by IDE (of which I don't care since I'm using vim), but will dozens of libraries use their own syntax? Everybody his own language?

Even if I see the advantages, I'd really like to know the community opinion about this, will every php library developper write his own annotation language?

Thanks a lot in advance for your lights.

[Updated on: Tue, 29 June 2010 21:50]

Romain Dorgueil
PHP Coder and linux enthusiast
 Topic: issue with Symfony 2.0 & Doctrine
issue with Symfony 2.0 & Doctrine [message #101874] Thu, 01 July 2010 16:33
DjinnS  is currently offline DjinnS
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Junior Member

I host an application using Symfony 2.0.

During tress tests I see Error 500 on Apache side and error "Class not found" from the PHP logs.

After many hours of researches, tests (differents PHP options, with and without APC, etc ...) I'm convinced that error comes from the code and espacially from doctrine.

When a page is requested, a .php file is generated in the /lib/model/doctrine/generated/. This file contains the code of a class define in /lib/model/doctrine/base. On every request, the file was recreated (in /lib/model/doctrine/generated/).

Is this normal ? Is this the normal behavior in synfony 2.0 ?

Under a certain load, because of the comportement described above (writing of the file on each request ...), some calls appear when the file doesn't exist, causing errors. It's like an "applicative race condition" Smile

Is this normal behavior ?

Thank you in advance
 Topic: Upgrading and local install
Upgrading and local install [message #101922] Fri, 02 July 2010 19:56
_tina_  is currently offline _tina_
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I'm running MAMP on a mac and trying to create a local install of Symfony 2.0.

The current system is running Symfony 1.2. I can't even get that running locally yet. Therror I get is usually:

[function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in ........htdocs/lib/symfony/autoload/sfCoreAutoload.class.php on line 101


Do I need to change some config file for this to work?

I also need to, after I get a local copy of 1.2, need to upgrade to 1.3 and then Symfony 2.0.

Thanks in advance.
 Topic: Create a form
Create a form [message #102308] Sat, 10 July 2010 23:56
NicolasT  is currently offline NicolasT
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Location: Liège, Belgique (Belgium...
Junior Member
When I try to create a form (Symfony 2 Forms) I receive this error :


The service "validator" does not exist.

Could you help me?
 Topic: How to insert a class in Symfony?
How to insert a class in Symfony? [message #103126] Tue, 27 July 2010 13:57
tiagofreres  is currently offline tiagofreres
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Registered: July 2010
Junior Member

I'm having a problem when try to insert a new class to some action at symfony. Can I disable the autoloader some how, like Zend? Or there are some other way to accomplish it?


[Updated on: Tue, 27 July 2010 14:07]

 Topic: Doctrine mapping / Best practices
Doctrine mapping / Best practices [message #103220] Thu, 29 July 2010 01:43
roylaurie  is currently offline roylaurie
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Location: San Diego, CA, USA
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I'm still just reviewing the code-base from the sandbox.

What are the best practices for saving Doctrine YML or XML map files? In, for example, src/Application/HelloBundle/Resources?

I don't see any mention of it in the docs yet.

- Roy Laurie

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