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Forum: Miscellaneous
 Topic: I think I'm in.
I think I'm in. [message #3800] Sun, 12 March 2006 03:08
erichalls69  is currently offline erichalls69
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Nice framework. The docs on this framework are what got my attention. I've spent a good 14 hours with symfony now and I really like what I see. There goes another Saturday. Thank you to everyone who has worked on symfony.
 Topic: setting up svk
setting up svk [message #3961] Wed, 15 March 2006 17:31
tamcy  is currently offline tamcy
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Location: Hong Kong
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I'm using winxp and is following the instruction in the wiki Svk.
However I got an error with the following command:

C:\> svk cp -pm 'creating local branch for symfony/trunk' //symfony/trunk //symfony/local/trunk
path C:\local is not a checkout path.

Since I'm totally new to svn/svk, I don't know how to go on. Please advise. Thanks.
 Topic: feed enclosures
feed enclosures [message #5820] Fri, 05 May 2006 22:42
smallbeer  is currently offline smallbeer
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Hi all,

We have to set up an rss feed for a site listing mp3s. Does anyone know what needs to be added to aregular feed to allow it to display the mp3 file as a link?

I'm reading some people saying <enclosure> and some saying rel="enclosure". I think I might be getting confused due to the different types of feeds available.

Any help appreciated.

 Topic: Symfony hosting in canada
Symfony hosting in canada [message #7382] Tue, 13 June 2006 16:42
vincent.saulnier  is currently offline vincent.saulnier
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Does anyone know if there are canadian hosting companies where we can install and use symfony?

Thanks !

Vincent Saulnier, ZCE
Web standard consultant
 Topic: OT - screencast software
OT - screencast software [message #8558] Mon, 10 July 2006 13:29
smallbeer  is currently offline smallbeer
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What screencasting software was used for the admin tutorial?

I'm in of one so looking for recommendations. Mac preferable (and free if possible).
 Topic: [TIPS] - Trac on Ubuntu
[TIPS] - Trac on Ubuntu [message #12644] Sat, 23 September 2006 21:47
moreweb  is currently offline moreweb
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Hi all,
if you use Ubuntu and you want to install Trac on it you can follow this official howto. Skip svn configuration if you already install it. Wink

If you need of user management install python2.4-setuptools and the Account Manager Plugin.

More configuration tips here: (fix my login problem and explain how to rewrite url from trac.cgi to trac)

 Topic: [SVN] - How to make a svn:externals with same main project revision?
[SVN] - How to make a svn:externals with same main project revision? [message #12723] Mon, 25 September 2006 17:15
moreweb  is currently offline moreweb
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Location: Italy
Senior Member
please how to create a svn:externals link with the same parent project revision?

I've made an externals that has his revision like phing..

Fetching external item into 'lib/vendor/phing'
Updated external to revision 124.

But I'm not able to create an externals like pake or lime..

Fetching external item into 'lib/vendor/pake'
Updated external to revision 2174.

r2174 like symfony svn.

Thanks. Wink
 Topic: Droppable and Ajax.updater
Droppable and Ajax.updater [message #12878] Wed, 27 September 2006 17:05
josx  is currently offline josx
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Location: Argentina
Hi all!
I am trying to use the cart code to support the following:
I have many drop_receiving_element for several carts at the same time. The problem is that I want to use just one WasteBin.

I need to call the the wastebin (url,update) drop_receiving_element but depending on the element dragged on ( wastebin is only one)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYMFONY on Digg :-) [message #14293] Fri, 20 October 2006 16:08
narko  is currently offline narko
Messages: 42
Registered: October 2006
Not sure if that's correct place for it but I just put congratulations for Symfony on Digg and want you to support it Smile)

Thanks guys and happy birthday again!
 Topic: Creole/Propel bug reporting is back
Creole/Propel bug reporting is back [message #14715] Thu, 26 October 2006 16:47
halfer  is currently offline halfer
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Location: West Midlands, UK
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I joined the Creole list to report a minor typo some few weeks ago, and there has been no dev traffic on it at all. However today a post was made to say that Creole, Propel and Phing bugs can be reported anonymously, after they installed a spam filter.

The lack of activity on the list suggests to me that, at best, effort is stalled on Creole, or perhaps it is dead. Either way, I am looking forward to it being dropped by Propel in the next version (which hopefully itself isn't vapourware!), and of course we have Doctrine even closer on the horizon.

Btw, should any Creole or Propel bugs crop up, here are the reporting forms:

Remember Palestine
 Topic: Admin Generator validation Problem
Admin Generator validation Problem [message #16274] Tue, 21 November 2006 12:27
bigos_lb  is currently offline bigos_lb
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Location: Poland
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Hi there
I have problem. I have addded edit.yml:

- "groupdesc{groupsymbol}"
- "groupdesc{groupname}"

required: Yes
required_msg: my message

required: Yes
required_msg: my message
validators: [symbolValidator ]

class: sfStringValidator
min: 3
min_error: my message
max: 20
max_error: my message

generated file goes like this:

// auto-generated by sfValidatorConfigHandler
// date: 2006/11/21 12:25:54

$validators = array();
else if ($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] == 'POST')
$validators = array();
$validators['symbolValidator'] = new Array();
$validators['symbolValidator']->initialize($context, null);
$validatorManager->registerName('groupsymbol', 1, 'The description field cannot be left blank', 'groupdesc', null, false);
$validatorManager->registerName('groupname', 1, 'The group name field cannot be left blank', 'groupdesc', null, false);
$validatorManager->registerValidator('groupname', $validators['symbolValidator'], 'groupdesc');
$context->getRequest()->setAttribute('fillin', array (
), 'symfony/filter');

the error occures on the line:

$validators['symbolValidator'] = new Array();
$validators['symbolValidator']->initialize($context, null);

Could You help me?

 Topic: Major strengths of symfony - poll
Major strengths of symfony - poll [message #18819] Wed, 03 January 2007 12:54
halfer  is currently offline halfer
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Location: West Midlands, UK
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This may be of interest - a poll on the "Major Strengths of Sympony [sic] Over its Competitors":,id,2672 6,nodeid,5.html

At the time of writing, on the homepage of the same website, there is a poll in which readers can vote for their favourite PHP framework. Symfony of course is on the list Smile

[Updated on: Wed, 03 January 2007 12:59]

Remember Palestine
 Topic: More framework benchmarking...
More framework benchmarking... [message #19960] Thu, 18 January 2007 11:30
halfer  is currently offline halfer
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Location: West Midlands, UK
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There's a blog here, from the author of the Solar framework, in which symfony is mentioned alongside cake and others. The comments discussion does sometimes seem to get rather robust, to put it lightly, but it might be of interest to symfonians nonetheless.

There is incidentally a mention of making test tarballs available, in case framework developers wish to try their hand at optimisation.

Remember Palestine
 Topic: syck dlls
syck dlls [message #20071] Fri, 19 January 2007 14:14
vinilios  is currently offline vinilios
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Location: Athens

have anyone found any compiled dlls for syck extension ?

[Updated on: Fri, 19 January 2007 14:14]

 Topic: AJAX maintain state accross sessions with link_to_remote and onclick return true
icon3.gif  AJAX maintain state accross sessions with link_to_remote and onclick return true [message #20234] Tue, 23 January 2007 11:05
smeves  is currently offline smeves
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Location: New York, NY

Has anyone else found the need to have link created using one of the helpers like link_to_remote or link_to_function *NOT* have a 'return false;' appended to the end of the onclick attribute of the tag that is generated?

There is no way to change this by way of the helper, but it would be an easy fix if this functionality was desired.

A 'return false' statement means the browser won't try to navigate to the url in the 'href' attribute of your link. This is usually desired because you don't want your browser window to navigate to the default "href" link, because really you are just creating the link as means to make the ajax call. Typically href attributes, if any, are present incase the user does not have javascript enabled.

However, there is a neat trick you can do if you do in fact allow the URL of the page to update and do not need to support clients without Javascript.

By using anchors, you can store the ajax action to the URL, allowing visitors who bookmark or reload the page to keep the state of the updated view.

As an example, writing this in your template:

<?php echo link_to_remote('Read this post', array(
    'update' => 'indicator',
    'url'    => 'post/read?id='.$post->getId(),
)) ?>

would yield a link like this:
<a href="#" onclick="new Ajax.Updater(....); return false;">Read this post</a>

However, I would like to **not have this onclick attribute automatically get the "return false"**. Ideally the helper function would allow me to do something like this:

<?php echo link_to_remote('Read this post', array(
    'update' => 'indicator',
    'url'    => 'post/read?id='.$post->getId(),
    'return' => 'true',
), array('href'	=> '#post:read|id:'.$post->getId()) ?>

which would yield a link like this:

<a href="#post:read|id:1234" onclick="new Ajax.Updater(....); return true;">Read this post</a>

When a user clicks the link, not only is the ajax action called but the URL of the page gets updated to something like this:|id:1234

You can view a sample of this on

In my experience, both IE 6 and FF did NOT scroll to the top of the window nor did the page reload (in fact I believe the W3 DOM specs state that links to a hash address never reload the document).

Instead, I get a nice new attribute in the URL of the page. Now, if my user wants to bookmark the page, or perhaps reload it, the current ajax state can be recalled.

Although you cannot retrieve the value after the hash from within PHP, you can retrieve it client-side by way of the 'location.hash' function and then set a cookie, update the page, whatever, based on those attributes.

I am not sure how many symfony developers would use this technique even if it were available, but it would be easy to add to the code base if so desired. Of course we can always use our own custom helpers. Here is my solution:

  function my_link_to_function($name, $function, $html_options = array(), $return = false)
    $html_options = _parse_attributes($html_options);

    $html_options['href'] = isset($html_options['href']) ? $html_options['href'] : '#';
    $html_options['onclick'] = $function.'; return ';
    $html_options['onclick'] .= ($return) ? 'true' : 'false';

    return content_tag('a', $name, $html_options);

Hope this helps someone, or perhaps give you some ideas of what's possible with AJAX maintaining state across client sessions.


Stereo :: Interactive & Design
 Topic: ECLIPSE - strange! (solved - probably phpide bug)
ECLIPSE - strange! (solved - probably phpide bug) [message #20365] Wed, 24 January 2007 23:57
occulkot  is currently offline occulkot
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Location: poland
Junior Member

im using zend phpide from quite a long - but some weeks ago i recognizes that there is a problem with completion for symfony classes!

i have added symfony to include path - first level completion works fine - like inside actions:
$this->get(ctrl+space) eclipse show list of methods from sfActions / sfAction / sfComponent and when i find getRequest() method - it shows thart ir return sfRequest instance! The problem is with second level! - if i try:

$this->getRequest()->(ctrl+space) eclipse dont know what class the object now is - i though that this is my mistake - and it wasnt working before - but when i try to make some simple classes - like:

class testowa extends a{

class a{
   * @return sfRequest
  public function getR(){

and inside my action class i create method:

   * @return testowa
  private function  getR(){

and then run

$this->getR()->getR()->|heres completion works good

Completion works good!!! - i was trying diffrent settings - symlinking sf dir to project dir, adding extended folder, adding extended variable - every time it cannot complete after using some of sfbased method!

did anyone recognized same problem? - or maybe someone know how to solve it!

i fooud that its phpide based problem - ive already submited a bug:]

[Updated on: Thu, 25 January 2007 00:22]

 Topic: [Slightly OT] JavaScript scope question
[Slightly OT] JavaScript scope question [message #20604] Tue, 30 January 2007 17:18
halfer  is currently offline halfer
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This is a bit OT hence my placing it in this forum. Could a JS pro give me a bit of advice? I am using jQuery (which for this kind of thing is probably very similar to Prototype) to kick off an AJAX post operation, thus:

function loadMailingTable(num, strDate)
    date: strDate
    function(data) { handleMailingsData(num, data); }

This works, but I am trying to understand how JavaScript works with anonymous callback functions. The variable 'num' is in context when handleMailingsData() is defined, but is it in context when it is called back? I am presuming this is the case, as it does work.

Thanks in advance.

Remember Palestine
 Topic: problem with transactions
problem with transactions [message #22687] Wed, 28 February 2007 18:31
cokker  is currently offline cokker
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I have a weird problem with transactions in my project.
I use databaseobjects which are transformed to objects for another db.(a sort of abstraction layer)
When I delete an obj in DB1 an overwritten delete-Method also makes changes in DB2. The same procedure for save();

When I do the following I get an insert-error in DB2 because the entry already exists.

for example:
$object = ObjectPeer::retrieveByPK(1);
$con = Propel::getConnection(ObjectPeer::DATABASE_NAME);
try {
  $new_object = new Object();
}catch(...) {

I have to point out that both objects have the same properties. So the databaseentries should be identical (except the primary key Smile )
In DB2 the resulting entries have to be identical including the primary key. The databases are MySQL with InnoDB.

I think of transaction like a stack where changes a stored an then in one process being aplied. But somewhere I must be wrong.
Have anybody an idea where the problem is?

 Topic: Looking for Symfony specialits in Montreal
Looking for Symfony specialits in Montreal [message #22806] Fri, 02 March 2007 00:36
joduba  is currently offline joduba
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Hello everybody...

I'm really new in symfony, but I'm really amazed with all that I discovered right now.

I'm in charge of a new project and I want to develop it in Synfony. But timing is critical and I'm looking for individuals or services companies located in Montreal (Canada) that can help us (professionally speaking).

Then I told my self that in the Symfony forums will leave people who knows people that can be interested... Razz and I decided to post it in the Miscellaneous section... I hope is not disturbing so much...

If somebody or some company interested to learn more about our project, you can send me an email to

 Topic: Symfony Developers Wanted in New Zealand
icon2.gif  Symfony Developers Wanted in New Zealand [message #22965] Mon, 05 March 2007 02:59
vaughan  is currently offline vaughan
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We are developing a major global software project in Symfony and need some experienced developers to join the team here in New Zealand.

We have been using Symfony for over a year now and are thrilled with the release of 1.0.

We operate an Agile development environment, using the Scrum methodologies. We have a team of 5 at the moment and are looking to grow this quite substantially this year.

Our development office is based in sub-tropical Kerikeri, which is 3 hours north of New Zealand's largest city, Auckland. Kerikeri is world renowned for its water sports, fishing and diving in the beautiful Bay of Islands.

We offer a good package and will contribute to any relocation expenses.

More info about the project being trialled in NZ at

Contact me by emailing me, vaughan@ our dot travel domain name, or call me on +64 9 407 1394

 Topic: Symfony Developers Wanted in Paris
Symfony Developers Wanted in Paris [message #24206] Thu, 22 March 2007 13:53
actualys  is currently offline actualys
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Location: Paris
Junior Member
We are developing a two important websites project in Symfony and need some developers to join our team.

We have been using Symfony for over few months year now and are thrilled with the release of 1.0.

We are looking for people experimented in php development and interested to work on Symfony based projects.

Please send us your CV at or contact us to get more details.

Best regards,

Laurent Dubreuil

Actualys Agence Interactive
Open Source Web Development
 Topic: friday fun
friday fun [message #24297] Fri, 23 March 2007 12:28
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Faithful Member
I normally don't post things like that, but in this case I couldn't stop myself, sorry and enjoy
 Topic: What could possible wrong with my browser?
What could possible wrong with my browser? [message #24565] Tue, 27 March 2007 22:38
sfxpt  is currently offline sfxpt
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Location: Canada
Faithful Member
My sfGuardUser module shows the same user id regardless what record it is. I.e., for whatever x in the following url, it returns the same user id that I used for testing:


This is only limit to the browser that I'm using. All other browsers that I tried didn't exhibit such behavior. I cleared the history, cache, and restarted the browser, but it doesn't help. Tried several times.

What's even stranger is that when I look at the source, the value for the input entry is correct:

<div class="form-row">
  <label for="sf_guard_user_username" class="required">Username:</label>  <div class="content">
  <input type="text" name="sf_guard_user[username]" id="sf_guard_user_username" value="testuser1" size="80" />    </div>

If I copy the above code snip into a test.php file, it shows the user id correctly.

I can't image what could possible wrong with my browser.
Please help.

FYI, my browser is

SeaMonkey 1.0.2
Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20060516 SeaMonkey/1.0.2

[Updated on: Tue, 27 March 2007 22:39]
 Topic: Function Point Analysis using Symfony
Function Point Analysis using Symfony [message #25051] Wed, 04 April 2007 03:16
hpoyatos  is currently offline hpoyatos
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Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Junior Member

Did anyone make a Function Point Analysis for a PHP/Symfony kind of project ?

I don't have a number to use about my own team, that's why I'm asking for you, guys..

 Topic: Symfony Developer Needed in Minneapolis
Symfony Developer Needed in Minneapolis [message #25394] Tue, 10 April 2007 21:04
rbrieske  is currently offline rbrieske
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Location: Minneapolis, MN
Junior Member
We are looking for an experienced Web Developer for a Beginning Stage Start-Up company (Workface LLC) based out of Minneapolis, MN.
We are specifically looking for a Symfony Developer.

Web Developer:

Prepares specifications and programs of a highly technical or complex nature. Assists technical team with application or technical problems. Experienced position requiring advanced technical knowledge in all areas of applications programming, system design, and update, storage, and retrieval methods.

Specific programming languages: Linux, HTML, CSS, AJAX, PHP, mySQL, Symfony, Zend Search (preferred)

If you are interested, please contact Robyn Brieske at Thank you.

Robyn Brieske
Human Resources Manager
 Topic: SplitGames recherche un développeur Symfony
SplitGames recherche un développeur Symfony [message #25968] Wed, 18 April 2007 22:18
splitgames  is currently offline splitgames
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Location: Paris
Junior Member
SplitGames est la première plateforme communautaire d'échanges de jeux vidéo en ligne ( Elle permet à ses membres d'échanger simplement et en toute sécurité tous leurs jeux vidéo.

SplitGames a été récompensée aux Clics d'or 2006 "Grands Prix de l'Internet" par le clic d'or dans la catégorie "vendre" et par le Grand Prix du Public.

Dans le cadre de notre expansion, nous recherchons un(e) :

Développeur Web Senior (H/F)


• Vous serez rattaché au Directeur Technique
• Vous aurez en charge les développements des nouvelles fonctionnalités du site
• Sous la responsabilité du Directeur Technique, vous interviendrez sur toutes les phases du projet de l’analyse à la finalisation

• Vous participerez à la croissance d’un leader européen dans le secteur du jeu vidéo


• Vous avez une formation informatique bac+2/3/4
• Excellente maîtrise de PHP5 et du standard SQL92
• Bonne connaissance des bonnes pratiques de développement web
• Bonne connaissance de la Programmation Orientée Objet
• Bonne connaissance de javascript et d'AJAX
• Connaissance d'un framework web MVC (Symfony, CakePHP, ZF, Rails)
• Connaissance d'un outil de gestion de version (SVN, CVS, etc.)
• La connaissance des standards web (XHTML, CSS2.1, XML, etc.) est un plus très apprécié.

• Vous avez de bonnes capacités d’intégration aux petites équipes
• Vous êtes réfléchi, motivé et autonome
• Vous aimez le travail d’équipe
• Vous aimez l’univers du jeu vidéo


Fixe + variable entre 35 et 45 K€ annuel brut
Vous souhaitez rejoindre une équipe dynamique pour participer au développement d’un projet ambitieux ? Alors envoyez un CV et une lettre de motivation à :
 Topic: A solution to enable I18n functionality with reverse-engineered databases
icon4.gif  A solution to enable I18n functionality with reverse-engineered databases [message #26952] Wed, 09 May 2007 11:03
animalija  is currently offline animalija
Messages: 34
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Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

I've written a simple Pake task to solve the problem of Symfony not using naming conventions to enable I18n on tables reverse-engineered from a database (presumably built using a visual database tool like DBDesigner4 or MySQL Workbench). rI18nFromGeneratedSchema

It's a simple script that is applied after the schema.yml file is generated from the reverse-engineered schema.xml. If you follow the naming conventions in the Symfony book, the script should work automatically without the need to specify a suffix or column name.


symfony propel-build-schema
symfony patch-db-i18n <application> [<suffix> [<column>]]
symfony propel-build-model
symfony cc

All other information is available on the above link within the wiki, including the source Pake task.

Have fun.
 Topic: Recherche développeur Symfony
Recherche développeur Symfony [message #28870] Thu, 07 June 2007 09:00
jdemerson  is currently offline jdemerson
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Editions MD, socété d’édition de guides financiers crée en 1984 et développant depuis 2005 un service BtoB en ligne innovant destiné aux acteurs du monde financier cherche un développeur / chef de projet web ayant une expérience de 2/3 ans min. en php pour renforcer et internaliser l’équipe de développement de sa plateforme web (sous environnement LAMP). Ayant une grande autonomie, souhaitant se confronter au développement d'une application web, il devra maîtriser l’environnement de développement LAMP et savoir produire du code efficace, clair, documenté et testé. Une expérience avec le framework php open source Symfony est recommandée. Des notions de design sont un plus.
 Rigoureux, organisé et motivé, il devra aussi faire preuve de créativité, d’enthousiasme et de curiosité. Il sera capable de communiquer sur son travail et de présenter clairement ses choix et ses idées.

Compétences requises :

Framework PHP : Symfony.
Langages : PHP 5 (Objet), HTML, XHTML, UML, Ajax, Javascript, CSS / CSS2, SQL, Action Script
Bases de données : MySQL 5
Serveur : Apache 2
Outils de développement : Eclipse, Subversion, Trac, Xdebug, PhpDocument, etc.
OS : GNU Linux / Debian (etch ou sarge)



Editions MD dispose aujourd’hui d’un outil développé dans un environnement technique ne supportant pas la montée en charge générée par le succès de l’applicatif. Le développeur / chef de projet devra rapidement prendre en charge le développement technique de l’application web Version 2 actuellement développée par la société Clever Age en environnement Lamp.

Encadrement et organisation

Le candidat travaillera en étroite collaboration avec les dirigeants de la structure. Il pourra être amené à encadrer un ou plusieurs développeurs (stagiaires) et devra travailler en équipe avec divers intervenants externes (SSII, graphistes…). 


Les candidatures doivent nous être adressées par mail à
 Topic: Symfony Teacher for Hire!
Symfony Teacher for Hire! [message #29144] Mon, 11 June 2007 21:25
roychri  is currently offline roychri
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Location: Blainville, Qc, Canada
Junior Member

Based in Montreal Canada, I am a ZEND certified engineer and I have developed a training schedule for all levels of Symfony. Available in English or French, on Nights or Weekends. If you have previous programming experience, I can teach you to complete the 24 stages of askeet in less than 20 hours. For more information please contact me by e-mail or call +1-450-979-5766

C. Roy
Zend Certified Engineer

Christian Roy
Zend Certified PHP5 Programmer
* Nothing is impossible, the impossible just takes longer! *
 Topic: Symfony Coder in Ruhrgebiet (Duisburg), Germany
Symfony Coder in Ruhrgebiet (Duisburg), Germany [message #29522] Sat, 16 June 2007 15:46
fairlight  is currently offline fairlight
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Registered: June 2007
Junior Member

I just want to ask if there are some coders which are familiar with symfony and want to go for a beer in a beer garden and discuss about the framework or MVC-design?

Regards from Duisburg,

Falk Brockerhoff
 Topic: [東京-TOKYO] PHPプログラマー / PHP Programmer
icon6.gif  [東京-TOKYO] PHPプログラマー / PHP Programmer [message #29602] Mon, 18 June 2007 08:23
aruban  is currently offline aruban
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Location: yokohama
東京に拠点を置くインタラクティブ・クリエ イティブ・エージェンシー、
Ultra Super New(USN)ではフルタイムのスタッフを募集して ます。

主に外国人のスタッフからなる国際的な環境 の中であなたの力を発揮してみませんか?
社内でのコミュニケーションは英語中心にな るので、これから英語のスキルを伸ばしたい 方は是非。オフィスは青山エリアになります 。

会社の誕生は今年2007年の1月、設立からまだ もないUltraSuperNew K.K. は、自身の宣伝材料を作成する合間もないほ ど、色々な仕事が飛び交っており、非常に早 い成長をしている会社です。
また会社内外は非常に自由な環境で働いてい ただけるはずです。

Ultra Super New Inc (USN) is a Tokyo based interactive creative agency with an international team of creative interactive designers and developers. We are looking for full-time web developers. Our office is located in Aoyama area.

現在以下の企業とのプロジェクトが進行中で す。
- KLM オランダ航空 ( )
- Lexxixa (
- 西オーストラリア政府日本事務所サイトリニ ューアル
- Apple Store銀座でのweb trendを紹介するイベントを企画
- その他様々なプロジェクトが進行中!

We are working with companies such as:
- KLM Royal Dutch Airline (
- Lexxixa (
- site renewal for Western Australian Government
- organizing web trend event at Apple store Ginza
- and others


PHPでコーディングの経験がある方。OOを使っ PHP5, Propel, Symfony, prototype.js ,

PHP programmer
You have big experience in coding in PHP. Experience with OO programming with PHP5, Propel, Symfony, prototype.js, is welcome.

ポップで新しいアイデアを出すのに自信のあ る方
国際的ですごくオープンな環境で働いてみた い方

恥ずかしがらず、少しでも興味があり、より 詳しく知りたい方、ご連絡お待ちしておりま す。

Spoken and written Japanese abilities are plus but not necessary.

Person with full of innovative ideas always welcome!

Please contact us to discuss your experience and receive more details about the


Ultrasupernew - For your happy time ! - -
 Topic: No support for ZEROFILL?
icon5.gif  No support for ZEROFILL? [message #30057] Sun, 24 June 2007 08:42
tvalladon  is currently offline tvalladon
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I have searched the forum and the documentation but find no refrence to support for ZEROFILL on fields under mysql.

Attempting to use YML file to generate database shouldnt an optional paramater exist for a field called Zerofill with a bool?

_attributes { phpName: User}
id: { type: integer, required: true, primaryKey: true, autoIncrement: true, zeroFill: true }

Thank you.
 Topic: validate field length
validate field length [message #32346] Thu, 26 July 2007 22:33
roomi  is currently offline roomi
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how do I check automatically the length of an input against the max field length in my mysql-DB?

edit: I created a propel-model

[Updated on: Thu, 26 July 2007 22:34]

 Topic: bug in sfParameterHolder::set
bug in sfParameterHolder::set [message #32358] Fri, 27 July 2007 03:16
Yoglets  is currently offline Yoglets
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It seems there is a bug in sfParameterHolder::set, or at least an inconsistency. If I'm using array fields in my forms and I do this in a filter:
echo "userid = " . $this->getContext()->getRequest()->getParameterHolder()->get('user[userid]');
$this->getContext()->getRequest()->getParameterHolder()->set('user[userid]', 'test');
echo "userid = " . $this->getContext()->getRequest()->getParameterHolder()->get('user[userid]');

I get the expected output:

So far so good. However, upon taking a closer look:
$this->getContext()->getRequest()->getParameterHolder()->set('user[userid]', 'test');

I get something quite different (unrelated pieces removed):
    [user] => Array
            [userid] => yoglets


    [user] => Array
            [userid] => yoglets
    [user[userid]] => test

It seems that the get() method properly handles the array naming scheme, but the set() method does not. It seems fairly clear that this is not the intended behavior. Does anyone agree this is a bug, or have I misunderstood something?
 Topic: PHP Doctrine ORM: Release Candidate 1 - August 31st 2007
PHP Doctrine ORM: Release Candidate 1 - August 31st 2007 [message #34085] Fri, 24 August 2007 07:02
Messages: 734
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I may be repeating the news, but as I couldn't find any info about it on the forum or blog, here it is:
PHP Doctrine ORM: Release Candidate 1 - August 31st 2007
 Topic: Bug: PagerNavigationHelper plugin
Bug: PagerNavigationHelper plugin [message #34100] Fri, 24 August 2007 11:12
halfer  is currently offline halfer
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Location: West Midlands, UK
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I note that a few tickets of mine have languished without action for some while. I'll therefore put a notice here also for an image bug I've reported within the PagerNavigationHelper plugin.

Remember Palestine
 Topic: Note: Spam in Askeet
Note: Spam in Askeet [message #34421] Wed, 29 August 2007 11:32
halfer  is currently offline halfer
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Location: West Midlands, UK
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Askeet mods: could you do some deletions in the Askeet database please - it's getting quite a bit of spam.

Remember Palestine
 Topic: CMS integration: Any experience?
CMS integration: Any experience? [message #34665] Fri, 31 August 2007 13:15
leindirk  is currently offline leindirk
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Hi all,

as I mentioned earlier in another post (, we are thinking about a migration.

It seems like our application can easily be modelled according to the MVC paradigm. A problem is that we have a lot of dynamic content scattered throughout the application. So classic CMSes (including sfSimpleCMS), which have some sort of page metaphor, don't work for us.

We have a multilingual site, and the content displayed in a certain place depends on the user's properties. Even the site's properties, e.g. some features must not be visible for certain cultures or groups of users, should configurable through the CMS (with something I think of as control content). So one page may contain elements from several content objects. After retrieving the data, it is just stored in normal php objects and I can work on them as it is necessary and pass it to the view layer.

So what we really need is an API to the CMS (which should have a decent user interface, maybe some workflow management, nothing really fancy) which lets us access the data according to given criteria. Nothing more. No templating. No pages. Just plain content objects.

Is there anything around that comes close to this? It may be commercial, but open source is preferred.

 Topic: Using Zend IDE's 'Analyze Code' without all the 'used before it was defined' warnings?
Using Zend IDE's 'Analyze Code' without all the 'used before it was defined' warnings? [message #34916] Tue, 04 September 2007 19:21
bkendig  is currently offline bkendig
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I'm using Zend Studio Development Environment 5.5.0 to write a Symfony application. Zend has a terrific 'Analyze Code' feature which is a great aid in finding bugs, but it doesn't like Symfony's action/template paradigm - it gives me a 'global variable was used before it was defined' warning for each variable that the template receives from the action.

Can anyone suggest a way to avoid this? To either make Zend Studio Development Environment look at the actions to see what variables they're sending to the templates, or else make it think the variables are in fact being defined in the templates? What's the right solution?

 Topic: Askeet installation problems after svn co ( warning include symfony/pear.php )
Askeet installation problems after svn co ( warning include symfony/pear.php ) [message #35028] Thu, 06 September 2007 11:14
finidrigoler  is currently offline finidrigoler
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Sorry if my english isn't so good.

So, i have a problem, i am following the askeet tutorial,
since yesterday i followed it without making a svn checkout in askeet repository.

Today, i had to checkout the day 3, i override my configurations file ( askeet/apps/frontend/config/config.php ) and it's non working right now Crying or Very Sad

The error message is :

Warning: include(symfony/symfony/pear.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/sfprojects/askeet/apps/frontend/config/config.php on line 16

there is no symfony/symfony/pear.php

The content of my config file are :

- /var/www/sfprojects/askeet/apps/frontend/config/config.php

// start timer
define('SF_TIMER_START', microtime(true));

// symfony directories
if (is_readable(SF_ROOT_DIR.'/lib/symfony'))
  // symlink exists
  define('SF_SYMFONY_LIB_DIR',  SF_ROOT_DIR.'/lib/symfony');
  define('SF_SYMFONY_DATA_DIR', SF_ROOT_DIR.'/data/symfony');
  // PEAR config
  if ((include('symfony/symfony/pear.php')) != 'OK')
    throw new Exception('Unable to find symfony librairies');

// directory layout

// include path

// check to see if we're not in a cache cleaning process
if (sfToolkit::hasLockFile(SF_ROOT_DIR.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.SF_APP.'_'.SF_ENVIRONMENT.'.lck', 5))
  // application is not yet available

// require project configuration

// test mode
@define('SF_TEST', false);

// go
$bootstrap = SF_CONFIG_CACHE_DIR.'/config_bootstrap_compile.yml.php';
if (is_readable($bootstrap))
  require_once 'symfony/symfony.php';

( askeet svn checkout config file )
- /var/www/sfprojects/askeet/config/config.php

( askeet svn import )

so, i don't know what i am supposed to write in them.

when i use google whith the error message i found the same problem, but the solution is non working ( chmod 777 cache & log, and magic_quotes_gpc OFF )

Can you help me ?
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