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Forum: Feature requests
 Topic: administration interface
administration interface [message #72391] Sat, 14 February 2009 00:44
nbv000  is currently offline nbv000
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Junior Member
I don't know if this has already been suggested, but the "Cancel" link in the forms views should be changed to "Retutn to the index" after the forms have been updated or the record has been inserted.

Indeed, clicking on cancel is then misleading since the update/insertion is not cancelled.

Also it would be nice if these were translatable fields as __(...).

Cheers !
 Topic: $this->forward400Unless()
$this->forward400Unless() [message #74529] Wed, 11 March 2009 01:51
charlieD  is currently offline charlieD
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A small feature request but I think it would be useful to have methods similar to the $this->forward404Unless(), $this->forward404() etc.

In the situation that you're checking if a request has certain parameters, it seems to me that returning an error 400 Bad Request is more appropriate than a 404 Not Found.

I know this can easily be accomplished with $this->getResponse()->setStatusCode(400, 'Bad Request message') but it would be nice to have the shortcuts too.

But I should also say - great work on symfony, it rocks.
 Topic: Upgrading new FORMS
icon4.gif  Upgrading new FORMS [message #75579] Wed, 25 March 2009 12:16
vojta.jina  is currently offline vojta.jina
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Location: Czech Republic
Hi there.

Im using new forms and its pretty nice. Its works fine. But the problem is, when you want to make some upgrade, I mean extend sfForm or something like that...

I have spent some time with that. Its very difficult to extend it. When you use your own sfWidgetFormSchemaFormatterXXX (extends sfWidgetFormSchemaFormatter), you cant do a lot of things... Like you cant add some classes for you <tr> (FormatterTable) or <li> (FormatterList).

I hope it would be nice, to send some parameter like name, or reference to the widget itself, when sfWidgetFormSchema calls sfWidgetFormSchemaFormatter->formatRow(). I think this design is not so good.

Also no real possibility to change the sfWidgetFormSchema... When you call sfForm->setWidgetSchema(new sfWidgetFormMySchema) it is set. But then, you call sfForm->setWidgets() and it reset the schema into new sfWidgetFormSchema. Thats also bad in my opinion...

So, when you need some extending that, you must inherit whole sfForm class and use sfMyForm instead. But then, there is a problem, because when you use Propel forms, you must make a hack inside SF libs / sfPropelPlugin/lib/sfPropelForm.class.php
You must rewrite extends sfForm, into extends sfMyForm.

Maybe, it should be set somewhere in the configuration... Maybe in factories, or I dont know where...

This post is describing this problem very shortly without any details.
If someone thinks, that it could be good idea, I cant make some better analyst of that...

Thanks a lot.
 Topic: template and actions.class.php
template and actions.class.php [message #75600] Wed, 25 March 2009 16:53
igharbi  is currently offline igharbi
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Junior Member
hi every body,

i want get a tag's value from template to "actions.class.php" without submitting the form, i tried javascript, but it didn't work. thx for help Smile
 Topic: routing.yml support for redirects
routing.yml support for redirects [message #76543] Wed, 08 April 2009 19:26
Seikilos  is currently offline Seikilos
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I have several situations where I have some routes like

The sort order is missing there and is implicitly defined :
  url: /:article/:date
  param: {module: viewarticle, action result, sort:relevance}

This works, but the problem is, that I need to redirect (not forward!) this page to
and not just implicitly accept it.
Something like that:
  url: /:article/:date
  param: {module: viewarticle, action result, sort:relevance}
  action: redirect

The problem is, that I also want pagination and it works only well with entirely defined routes like
  url: /:article/:date/:sort:/page
  param: {module: viewarticle, action result}

but not with view_1 above

Debugging is all I doֻ (if these dots are not in line then your screen is broken)
 Topic: Stylesheet and javascript inclusion function
Stylesheet and javascript inclusion function [message #76821] Tue, 14 April 2009 20:10
antitoxic  is currently offline antitoxic
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Registered: April 2009
Location: London, UK
Junior Member

Hello, I've stumbled on problems with this filter inclusion of stylesheets and javascript.

If stylesheets are included after the ecma scripts the script may fire without access to any styling. onDOMloaded event fires before any style is applied.

Could you please make this more flexible to edit than replacing the sfCommonFilter every time .

Just as the meta function inclusion to be able to include this way:

Bonus of this approach is if one is used to style IE with conditional comments stylesheets could be included after them.

Kind Regards,

The simple complex - (online ) branding, web design and development
 Topic: Form embedded
Form embedded [message #77366] Fri, 24 April 2009 16:38
tech4dreamnex  is currently offline tech4dreamnex
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j'ai un problème pour accéder à un champ qui se trouve dans un formulaire embedded, j'aimerais lui ajouter un attribut disabled="disabled" et une valeur par défaut.

Mais voilà, depuis mon action.class.php je n'arrive pas accéder au champ concerné uniquement ceux qui sont embedded !!!! De plus je n'ai aucune erreur Sad

Avez vous déjà eu se problème ?

class CategoryActions extends autoCategoryActions
public function executeEdit(sfWebRequest $request)

$this->form->setDefault('area_id', 6); //OK
$formEmbedded = $this->form->getEmbeddedForms();
$formEmbedded['categorie_similaire']->getWidget('champ_1')- >setAttribute('disabled','disabled');//NOT_OK

//NO ERROR...Sad

 Topic: freeze to location
freeze to location [message #77379] Fri, 24 April 2009 21:57
wm_x  is currently offline wm_x
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Registered: April 2009
Junior Member
hi all,

for me a function to "freeze" the hole project (as a snapshot of all files) to a certain location (not the project location) would be useful.

cheers wm
 Topic: Use events to clear some selective parts of the cache
Use events to clear some selective parts of the cache [message #78011] Fri, 08 May 2009 18:03
El Riiico  is currently offline El Riiico
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Location: Paris

I might not be alone to find that's it's an headache to clear some selective cache in symfony when :

  • If you have a backend. And hum, it's an exception when you don't need one on your project, no ?
  • If your database can be modified by several ways. For instance, a blog post that can be published by a web form, a mail send or your batch that import an external feed.

When do you need to clear some part of your cache ?

Answer: when the related record in the project model has been modified.

Ok, how could we improve the selective clear cache in an intuitive way ?

By using the cache.yml of my symfony dreams :

  with_layout: false
  lifetime:    86400
    - post.modification
    - post.deletion

Here is the idea:

We just have to configure our BlogPost model so it triggers the "post.modification" and "post.deletion" events and that's all.
Thanks to the cache.yml configuration, symfony clears the corresponding cache parts automatically.

Do you like the concept ? Do you think that something is missing ?
 Topic: symfony 2.0: new schema for i18n - similar i18nTable
symfony 2.0: new schema for i18n - similar i18nTable [message #79449] Fri, 05 June 2009 09:47
ingvar  is currently offline ingvar
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Location: Ukraine
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I believe that it is necessary to improve i18n:
- use structure i18nTable
- add sfMessageSource_PDO.class.php for performance
 Topic: symfony container
symfony container [message #79784] Fri, 12 June 2009 18:35
sposch  is currently offline sposch
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I have a bunch of bash scripts to deal with our symfony projects (we have about 10 projects) but I'm not too happy with the scripts being tailored to our custom directory structure, apache version, plesk version and all that.

So I had in mind a rough concept for a generic symfony container:

The actual container would be the directory containing multiple domains/symfony projects (which most of us already have in /var/www/ or whatever web root you have), along with some configuration mechanisms.

It could have its own web application for managing the container itself and its projects. So in essence this makes it sort of a meta project.

In the container directory there would be a "symfony" file with new CLI tasks:
container:clear (clear all caches)
container:build (rebuild all models)
container:deploy (deploy all sites)
container:permissions (run fix-perms on all projects)
container:enable/disable (disable all projects)

Ideally these tasks would also understand plesk-related stuff like subdomains and vhost.conf annoyances, and of course also handle systems other than plesk.

The container would also provide a way to add a new project using the new project customization ( y-1-3-project-creation-customization)
. Since all our symfony projects link to a central CMS symfony project, they all share mostly the same configuration options in settings.yml/app.yml etc.
Such global settings could be configurable via the container web application so you don't have to repeat yourself.

A global schema file could be used to alter a selected part of database in all projects. For example, if you write some kind of blog widget and you don't feel like creating a blog plugin, you could define the blog tables in the global schema and they would be automatically created in every database on the next container:build call.

container:disable would be a useful server-side task; if you update your global schema and rebuild all models, you want to disable all projects for this short time of upgrade.

Finally, the container would optionally have a central plugin directory so you don't have to install a plugin n times for n projects.

This concept might be interesting to users who already settled on symfony for most of their web development work. The whole idea would probably only work if all of your projects are on the same symfony version and work with latest plugin versions, but maybe it could be smart enough to track the differences between projects (eg. you still have some old 1.0 project).

Any thoughts?
 Topic: Manual layout forms
Manual layout forms [message #84090] Fri, 21 August 2009 03:33
TropicalMonkey  is currently offline TropicalMonkey
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Junior Member
It would be nice to have the ability to create the form (and form-layout) including validation markups manually. More like other RAD tools for desktop apps, the binding with the code should be solely based on the control id tag. It may be ok to use Helpers to create HTML controls so that the framework can have better control over the attributes when the controls get rendered.
 Topic: Getting detail errors from Validators
Getting detail errors from Validators [message #84785] Thu, 03 September 2009 15:11
DigitalMechanic  is currently offline DigitalMechanic
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Location: USA
I'd like to see it be easier to extract validation errors after form bind and call to isValid(). Not the validation error that's rendered in the form - but the validator error detail (such as Which validator failed). At the very least would be nice to have the isValid( ) method return an array of invalid form field names. So:
isValid( ) == FALSE on Initial Display
isValid( ) == TRUE if all is well.
isValid( ) == Array[unhappy_validators]
 Topic: 8o Custom filter and custom sorting in admin generator
8o Custom filter and custom sorting in admin generator [message #84951] Mon, 07 September 2009 19:44
jaimesuez  is currently offline jaimesuez
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Junior Member
This two things would be amazing to have them implemented in the admin generator, especially for foreign keys.

I see that with the DbFinderPlugin, you can use the DbFinderAdminGenerator for doing all this. But this plugin works only with Propel.

It would great to have this implemented, it would be save us al lot of time.

Thanks for all.
 Topic: comment utilise sfNewsletterPlugin
icon6.gif  comment utilise sfNewsletterPlugin [message #85117] Thu, 10 September 2009 14:31
benakacha  is currently offline benakacha
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Junior Member
je cherche comment faire pour mettre en place sfNewsletterPlugin
cordialement Razz
 Topic: how to serialize
how to serialize [message #85284] Mon, 14 September 2009 16:09
benakacha  is currently offline benakacha
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How to Save the contents of a text field to a formilaire to the database with php5

Here are the piece attached form

public function getNbjc()
$total = strtotime($this->getDatefinc()) -strtotime( $this->getDatedebutc());

return $total/86400 ;

will be calculated in the Nbjc and display it in their fields and then stores it in the database since Nbjc is the difference between two dates

schema.yml -->>>
_attributes: { phpName: PersoConge }
id: { type: INTEGER, size: '11', primaryKey: true, autoIncrement: true, required: true }
employe_id: { type: INTEGER, size: '11', required: true, foreignTable: perso_employe, foreignReference: cin, onDelete: RESTRICT, onUpdate: RESTRICT }
typedeconge: { type: VARCHAR, size: '255', required: true }
datedebutc: { type: DATE, required: true }
datefinc: { type: DATE, required: true }
nbjc: {type:integer ,required: false }

  • Attachment: Capture.png
    (Size: 141.46KB, Downloaded 94 time(s))

 Topic: DatabaseSessionStorage auto_start param
DatabaseSessionStorage auto_start param [message #85713] Thu, 24 September 2009 10:43
javyer  is currently offline javyer
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Location: France
Junior Member

I wonder why the DatabaseSessionStorage disables the auto_start session parameter used by the parent class sfSessionStorage ?

There is just a comment on sfDatabaseSessionStorage.class.php :
    // disable auto_start
    $options['auto_start'] = false;

Is there a good reason ? Rolling Eyes

Thanks Smile
 Topic: Customizable class between Doctrine Records and Symfony
Customizable class between Doctrine Records and Symfony [message #90758] Sun, 03 January 2010 03:45
gearond  is currently offline gearond
Messages: 41
Registered: April 2009
As I FINALLY get used to the hierarchy in the forms classes, I really admire it. Nice work guys.

But I would really like to customize the Doctrine Records so that ALL my models have one function. So easy to do in Forms, so much a PITA and future maintenance problem with Doctrine/Symfony record class hierarchy.

What I would like to have is an extra function that converts an array fetched from HYDRATE_AS_ARRAY to a type correct array. I.E., all the values in the array are type correct for what is in the database.

When I get anything out of Symfony Doctrine 1.3.0-BETA1 , it's all strings BOTH in the object record AND in the arrays returned.

So, Is this in the works, an configurable class between Doctrine and Symfony?
 Topic: A tuto or snippet on how embeding filer forms in the main filter form of the Admin Gen !
A tuto or snippet on how embeding filer forms in the main filter form of the Admin Gen ! [message #90855] Tue, 05 January 2010 15:06
Messages: 19
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HI everyone!

Is it possible to have a tuto on how doing this?

I've explained my problem in these posts:

Trying to embed sub filter form in the main filter form of a class based Admin generated module only leads to some facts:

- Embeded filter form are not bound when we trye to filter the list has the main filter form is.

- Even if I force the binding of sub filter form I came up to a sub filter form invalid, a _csrf_token [Required.] error on the sub filter forma appears.

Sound weird that sf ask me the token in the sub form cause I know that is actually present in the main filter form!

-Any way I try to use the patch :
In order that sfForm::renderHiddenFields() render the hidden field (the token) in embed forms but with no successs..

-So I try to force the inclusion of the token in the sub form I fall on a _csrf_token [CSRF attack detected.]...!!!

So for the heaven sake is it possible to embed filter form in the main filter form of and admin gen module?

If someone has resolve this pb, I ll be very glad to know how you didi this!!!

If not, I ask to the Sf team:
Explain us how to to do that please!!!

 Topic: symfony task log
symfony task log [message #94407] Sat, 27 February 2010 17:59
ivoba  is currently offline ivoba
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i just wondered if theres already a way to log ones console commands for symfony.
i use to create a -commands- file somewhere where i store common task calls manually for a project so i can recall them easy after a few days break.

i mean tasks like:
php symfony propel:generate-module --with-show backend main job
are not so easy to remember (for me) Wink
and i think its annoying to check the manual each time again

and after some weeks break the bash history (history | grep symfony) is useless also

it would also be more easy to share the calls with your fellow devs

any ideas?
 Topic: Save State (hide/show) of Debug Toolbar
Save State (hide/show) of Debug Toolbar [message #100280] Wed, 02 June 2010 23:55
Ehsan  is currently offline Ehsan
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Do you need this feature ?[ 2 vote(s) ]
1.Need 1 / 50%
2.Like 1 / 50%
3.Dont need 0 / 0%

Often , debug toolbar hide our pages element , specially in development environment that has not header template...

saving debug toolbar state in cookie can be very useful.
so if we hide it , when pages will reload , it return to its previous state.

[Updated on: Wed, 02 June 2010 23:56]

Forum: symfony 1.1
 Topic: [SOLVED] 2 problems beggining with symfony 1.1
icon10.gif  [SOLVED] 2 problems beggining with symfony 1.1 [message #52644] Sat, 24 May 2008 21:11
neonard0  is currently offline neonard0
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Location: Popayán - Cauca - Colomb...
Junior Member

Hi there i have 1.1 version working on a test server, it has both symfony versions, 1.0 installed using PEAR, and 1.1 using symbolic links.

Although I can use some commands for 1.1, I'm having some difficulties like these:

1. I installed sfGuard, and when i tried to load fixtures using "symfony1.1 propel:data-load frontend" I get.

 Unable to get sequence id. [wrapped: You must specify the sequence name when calling getId() method.] 

but I coudl create the database's tables using command propel:insert-sql

2. I create this simple schema (used in 1.0 example)
    _attributes: { phpName: Article }
    title:      varchar(255)
    content:    longvarchar

and when using crud command " symfony1.1 propel:generate-crud frontend article Article"
I get this error:
Fatal error: Class 'ArticleForm' not found in /usr/share/php/symfony11/1.1/lib/generator/sfAdminGenerator.class.php on line 722

Any Suggestion?

I "googled" it but nothing.

[SOLVED 5 minutes later]

I didn't want to double post so here I'm writing.
I htink I had serius bad luck, 'cause the problem was solved by updating from the svn my symfony1.1 installation. Maybe the moment I got it there was some bug or something. but now it looks like everything is ok.

[Updated on: Sat, 24 May 2008 21:33]

 Topic: Strange behavior with AJAX + @homepage
Strange behavior with AJAX + @homepage [message #52661] Sun, 25 May 2008 15:59
zipoking  is currently offline zipoking
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Junior Member

I've the following situation (/ == @homepage == main/index <- set in routing.yml):

main/actions/actions.class.php: (executeIndex)
if(!$this->getRequest()->isXmlHttpRequest()){ // symfony turns off layout by default on AJAX requests
return 'Public'; // will show 'indexPublic.php' template

<?php echo link_to_remote('Home', array(
'url' => '@homepage',
'update' => 'main_content'
)); ?>

And now, if I click on this link, in result in 'main_content' I've full page with layout (isXmlHttpRequest() == false ?). Full layout is show even if I change '@homepage' to 'main/index', but layout turns off only if I put here e.g. 'main/index?foo=bar'.
So, my question is: is it right behavior of symfony (I have presently 1.1-rc1 version) or it is a bug which should be fixed ;)

(P.S.: sorry for my english ;) )
 Topic: Form validation and additional fields
Form validation and additional fields [message #52713] Mon, 26 May 2008 14:02
lisson01  is currently offline lisson01
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I have a form in which the user is able to enter his own profile. Not the entire user object must be available for editing so i have created my own form class. accountForm.class.php which extends the UserForm (standard objectform).

In the accountForm i've added widgets for the old-password, new password and a retype of the new password. The new/retype validation is handled in javascript.

After posting and all validations are oke, the form is saved using updateObject() and save() which saves the user object to the database. However, is still need to get the salt from the user, generate a SHA1 hash from the new password and add that as well. I can do that in a seperate part where i reGet the userobject again and store it but i want to do it in the accountForm->save statement. Is this possible?
$form = new accountForm($user);

The user object is already available somewhere in the form. Can i access it and set the password before the form->save() command?
 Topic: Javascript/Ajax effects
Javascript/Ajax effects [message #52792] Tue, 27 May 2008 14:23
danr  is currently offline danr
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I have heard that the Ajax helpers that were included in the core in Symfony 1.0 are now being moved in to a plugin for 1.1. This is fine but could someone tell me which plugin I should be using in order to gain access to these helpers?

Is the plugin ready to use with Symfony 1.1 RC1?

Thanks for your time.
 Topic: unit-testing in sf1.1
unit-testing in sf1.1 [message #53473] Wed, 04 June 2008 17:33
nykacho  is currently offline nykacho
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I just copied some unit tests of a 1.0 project to a fresh new 1.1 project.

A lot of things seems to be changing from the older way :

- autoloading
- path variables like $sf_symfony_lib are now obsolete ( have to use the ProjectConfiguration class instead )
- lime syntax and usage ?

Anyway, I still cannot find any proper documentation about 1.1 unit testing and how to use the new features of sf1.1.

Thanks for any hints or guideline !

 Topic: Malformed inline YAML string
Malformed inline YAML string [message #53843] Wed, 11 June 2008 12:14
Balon  is currently offline Balon
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Part of my generator.yml file

content:      { type: textarea_tag, params: rows=25 cols=150 rich=true tinymce_options='theme_advanced_buttons1:"bold,italic,underline,strikethrough,|,justifyleft,justifycenter,justifyright,justifyfull,|,bullist,numlist,forecolor,backcolor"' }

I'm getting an error because of that. In 1.0 were all ok.. But in 1.1 I've problem with this..

Unable to parse file "/var/www/": Malformed inline YAML string ({ type: textarea_tag, params: rows=25 cols=150 rich=true tinymce_options='theme_advanced_buttons1:"bold,italic,underline,strikethrough,|,justifyleft,justifycenter,justifyright,justifyfull,|,bullist,numlist,forecolor,backcolor"' }).

Can somebody help me?
ps. sorry for my english
 Topic: Error in config_core_compile.yml.php!: Cannot redeclare class sflogger
Error in config_core_compile.yml.php!: Cannot redeclare class sflogger [message #54329] Wed, 18 June 2008 12:29
b166er  is currently offline b166er
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Location: Germany
it's strange, but i have now the same error in my task-file as this forum-post: o=13700

i have the last svn-checkout: r9637 from /branch/1.1/

first i try to describe my really problem.

i have a OwnClass in /lib/, but this class doesn't Auto-loaded in My-task Sad
here is the message:
web htdocs # symfony my:test first-argument
PHP Fatal error:  Class 'OwnClass' not found in /var/www/localhost/htdocs/lib/task/MyTask.class.php on line 251
Fatal error: Class 'OwnClass' not found in /var/www/localhost/htdocs/lib/task/MyBaseTask.class.php on line 251

i also add autoload.yml to /config/ with these options:

    name:           lib
    path:           /lib/
    recursive:      on
but the autoload still doesnt work.

then i put follow code in my /config/ProjectConfiguration.php:
public function setup(){
  $autoloader = sfSimpleAutoload::getInstance();

after adding this code, i got this error:
web htdocs # symfony my:test first-argument
PHP Fatal error:  Cannot redeclare class sfLogger in /var/www/localhost/htdocs/cache/frontend/prod/config/config_core_compile.yml.php on line 1202
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class sfLogger in /var/www/localhost/htdocs/cache/frontend/prod/config/config_core_compile.yml.php on line 1202

default env is "prod" and debug is off.
here is my /apps/frontend/config/settings.yml:
    error_reporting:        <?php echo (E_PARSE | E_COMPILE_ERROR | E_ERROR | E_CORE_ERROR | E_USER_ERROR)."\n" ?> # Determines which events are logged.
    logging_enabled:        on        # Enable logging
    no_script_name:         on      # Enable the front controller name in generated URLs
    cache:                  on       # Enable the template cache
    etag:                   on       # Enable etag handling

    error_reporting:        <?php echo (E_ALL | E_STRICT)."\n" ?> # Determines which events are logged.
    logging_enabled:        on        # Enable logging
    no_script_name:         on      # Enable the front controller name in generated URLs
    cache:                  off       # Enable the template cache
    etag:                   off       # Enable etag handling
    web_debug:              on        # Enable the web debug toolbar
    xdebug:                 on        # Enable xdebug stack trace in the logs

but after add in console --debug="true" as option to my task, all works perfectly without any error-messages.

anybody with idea?


[Updated on: Wed, 18 June 2008 13:10]

 Topic: autoloading in tasks
autoloading in tasks [message #54451] Thu, 19 June 2008 18:51
botulotoxin  is currently offline botulotoxin
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Junior Member

is there any way to get libraries autoloaded in tasks?

I'm quite new to symfony and I'm toying with things. Now I'm trying to combine together tutorials on tasks and swift mailer and I'd like to send an e-mail from a task.

I'm getting
Fatal error: Class 'Swift' not found in /data/web/devel_spaces/btx/testproject/lib/task/sendTestMailTask.class.php on line 30

When I try to include library file manually - like this
include sfConfig::get('sf_lib_dir')."/vendor/swiftMailer/Swift.php";

I'm getting
Fatal error: Class 'Swift_Connection_NativeMail' not found in /data/web/devel_spaces/btx/testproject/lib/task/sendTestMailTask.class.php on line 30

which is quite understandable Smile and when I include also Swift_Connection_NativeMail class, message is sent.

When I try to send an e-mail from an action, autoloading works well.

I'm sorry for possibly noob question but I'm not really able to find an answer.


[Updated on: Thu, 19 June 2008 19:17]

 Topic: Add attributes to <option> in <select>
Add attributes to <option> in <select> [message #54497] Fri, 20 June 2008 12:05
lisson01  is currently offline lisson01
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How can i add a different class to each of the available options in a select box when i echo the form using echo $form; (symfony 1.1 RC2)?

Can i output the independen <option> tags in a loop in the view itself by some sort of $form['field']->getOptions()->render() function?

Depending on the ID In the option i need to echo a certain image in the dropdown. Thus the class needs to differ per option.
 Topic: propel:build-forms does not update to reflect my schema.xml
propel:build-forms does not update to reflect my schema.xml [message #54763] Wed, 25 June 2008 07:01
jacobl  is currently offline jacobl
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This is my first post here, so please excuse me if my form etiquette is not what it should be.

I am writing a project in Symfony 1.1 and am using the default Propel plugin. I started with a very simple schema.xml and ran
symfony propel:build-all

This command generated my model and form objects as expected. After I made a simple change to my schema (added a new varchar column), I ran the build-all command once more. My model objects were updated with the new functions but my form objects didn't change at all. I also tried
symfony propel:build-forms
with no luck. I have cleared my cache and changed the name of the form directory but I cannot get updated form objects.

Should these commands be updating my form objects? If so, what am I doing wrong?
 Topic: sfForm echo display form only (no input fields).
sfForm echo display form only (no input fields). [message #55175] Mon, 30 June 2008 13:39
lisson01  is currently offline lisson01
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Is there an easy way to make a second display variant for all echo $form or $form['field']->render(Row)() function, so that i can have both a view and edit variant of a form? The user must be able to just view, or edit the data but i don't want to make templates for each.
 Topic: sfCoreAutoload::register() and propel
sfCoreAutoload::register() and propel [message #55430] Thu, 03 July 2008 16:50
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As propel is now a plugin, I was wondering if sfCoreAutoload is able to register it too.

Simply put, I just want to access data in a single file without using the whole symfony thing.

Like a test.php with a sfCoreAutoload::register(); statement that should be able to retrieve data via criterias...

Anybody? thanks Smile
 Topic: Unable to deploy from live server to local xampp
icon5.gif  Unable to deploy from live server to local xampp [message #55483] Fri, 04 July 2008 12:53
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I want to deploy symfony project to modify, I couldnt establish the environment.

Please help me.

Rajesh T
 Topic: plugin:install troubles
plugin:install troubles [message #55622] Mon, 07 July 2008 16:14
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After installing symfony 1.1 I am trying to install sfWebBrowserPlugin and sfFeed2Plugin

This is what I get under Vista, PHP 5.2.2, PEAR 1.7.2

c:\project>symfony plugin:install sfWebBrowserPlugin
>> plugin    installing plugin "sfWebBrowserPlugin"

  No release available for plugin "sfWebBrowserPlugin" in state "alpha" that sat
isfies the application requirements.

c:\project>symfony plugin:install sfFeed2Plugin
>> plugin    installing plugin "sfFeed2Plugin"
>> sfPearFrontendPlugin Could not download from
>> sfPearFrontendPlugin "
>> sfPearFrontendPlugin (File
>> sfPearFrontendPlugin
>> sfPearFrontendPlugin not valid (received: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
>> sfPearFrontendPlugin ))
>> sfPearFrontendPlugin Invalid or missing remote package file

  Plugin "sfFeed2Plugin" installation failed: Package
"" is not valid

sfWebBrowserPlugin would not install with any "preferred_state" setting (beta, stable, alpha) showing the same message.

Any ideas?

 Topic: Does anybody use UML tool with symfony 1.1 and/or uml2symfony?
Does anybody use UML tool with symfony 1.1 and/or uml2symfony? [message #55753] Tue, 08 July 2008 16:48
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Does anybody use any UML tool with symfony?

I tried with AgroUML (but symfony doesn't see uml2symfony as plugin).

Also xmi2symfony with Enterprise Architect (I wonder why, but xmi2symfony didn't work with AgroUML or Enterprise Architect types. just ignored them).

Any idea?


Vladimir Bilyov Websites development and support, Design, SEO
 Topic: Problem with suffix in LightTPD
Problem with suffix in LightTPD [message #55807] Wed, 09 July 2008 12:00
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Hi all.

When I create a module with action and to routing.yml file add e.g.

  url:   /link.html
  param: { module: modulename, action: actionname }

and then try request http://my-symfony-url/link.html
I see 404 error.
But when I add index.php or appname_dev.php to request link then all is fine.

I tried uncomment in factories.yml file line with suffix but this not helped.
In LightTPD mod_rewrite module is enable.

Did anyone of you are familiar with this problem?
 Topic: Embed Form
Embed Form [message #55847] Wed, 09 July 2008 21:18
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How can I correct embed a form?
Now, I do so:
class sfGuardUserForm extends BasesfGuardUserForm
  public function configure()
    $this->embedForm('profile', new sfGuardUserProfileForm($this->getObject()->getProfile()));

And for saving profile I need override doSave function:
 protected function doSave($con = null)
    $profile = $this->getValue('profile');

Is it correct way?
 Topic: Upgrade app symfony 1.0.10 to symfony 1.1
Upgrade app symfony 1.0.10 to symfony 1.1 [message #55858] Thu, 10 July 2008 01:22
patrickespake  is currently offline patrickespake
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I have some applications made in symfony 1.0.10, i want to upgrade applications to symfony 1.1, is easy to do?

Patrick Espake
 Topic: Ajax Updater
Ajax Updater [message #55874] Thu, 10 July 2008 09:16
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FIXED by myself!

[Updated on: Thu, 10 July 2008 11:06]

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