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sfGuard modification/extension [message #102893] Wed, 21 July 2010 18:52 Go to next message
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my setup:
symfony 1.4.5
doctrine orm
highly normalized tables(not very relevant for this post)

I am trying to create a module, called admin, that would allow me to do a subsection of what is possible via


I'd like to have the url be http://apps/admin
and have those forms (modified though, not all fields are needed)
so, I generate a module called admin.
I tried copying in actions/forms etc. from sfDoctrineGuard..
into the admin modules' directories...
of course because the names of my module does not jive with the name of the sfdoctrineguard modules... the extensions are failing
[it is of utmost importance that I dont go hacking up base/plugin files]

following what's suggested here: hread/f3a2197fdb95e285

trying to do the simple version.. just strip out what i don't need via the admin generator, this doesn't really work either (And it still does not solve the problem of the URL)

So.. how can I embed all of these forms, modify them, and have them all show/work through my own module?
Any ideas?

will continue hacking at this and posting.


Re: sfGuard modification/extension [message #102960 is a reply to message #102893 ] Thu, 22 July 2010 20:20 Go to previous message
zelaz  is currently offline zelaz
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a HA

so by DEFAULT the generator.yml file has no filters: entry

I should have checked for this.

To confirm, yes you CAN invoke this method.

We learned this today, and it DOES work, however now...
I am trying to extend these classes/methods/forms into a different module, to create an administrative front end for all aspects of sfguard, to reside in modules/admin.

will post further progress.




so, I tried being clever...

in my actions class, I tried to

require_once(sfConfig::get('sf_plugins_dir').'/sfDoctrineGua rdPlugin/modules/sfGuardUser/lib/BasesfGuardUserActions.clas s.php');
require_once(sfConfig::get('sf_plugins_dir').'/sfDoctrineGua rdPlugin/modules/sfGuardUser/lib/BaseSfGuardUserGeneratorCon figuration.class.php');
require_once(sfConfig::get('sf_plugins_dir').'/sfDoctrineGua rdPlugin/modules/sfGuardUser/lib/lib/BaseSfGuardUserGenerato rHelper.class.php');

Fatal error: Class 'autosfGuardUserActions' not found in /home/cwisniewski/dev/Agasti/dev/plugins/sfDoctrineGuardPlug in/modules/sfGuardUser/lib/BasesfGuardUserActions.class.php on line 18

so tracing things back through, it's obvious that baseSfGuardUser classes extend the yet to be made autoSfGuardUser Classes...

the question now is, how to instantiate the forms that have yet to be created on my own outside of the sfGuardUser module?

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